About me

I am a freelance writer who enjoys reading and analyzing all types of information.

While working full-time and paying 100% of my college education, I discovered my passion for writing.

After graduating, I worked for a local newspaper but was unable to pay my rent and stay at the paper.

I spent the next 13 years of my career in retail, at Home Depot in a variety of positions. Working with the same group of guys every day was satisfying, but my career path would change.

Told I was “topped-out” at my position, I left Home Depot and went to work for a small, locally owned heating and air-conditioning company.

During my 12 years with the HVAC company, I discovered the many differences between working for a corporation verses working for a mom & pop company.

While at the HVAC company, I wrote all

  • business correspondences
  • professional contracts
  • customer agreements
  • governmental letters

Simultaneously, I was working part-time for two online publications. Submitting local interest articles and community interest stories, I rediscovered my interest in writing.

In 2015, my husband was offered a professional position he could not refuse; the catch, I had to leave my hometown, the only place I had ever lived, to move to a different state.

I took the relocation as an opportunity to establish my freelance writing business.

I also designed, built and provide all content for my food blog.

The rest is history….

I am a devoted wife, loving step-mother and doting grandmother.

As a foodie, strategic culinary escapades surround all my vacations.

With my food blog, I decree my passion for sustainability and growing food.

My husband and I compete in professional barbecue competitions.

I love waterfall hiking, football and a good glass of crisp wine.