10 Things to Ask Before You Send Your Query

Before sending a query to a publication, brand or website – ask yourself the following:

  1. Have I addressed the query to the right person and did I spell his/her name correctly?
  2. Did I proofread my query carefully and correct any errors?
  3. Is my idea to the point?
  4. Have I outlined the article/story and given a clear idea of where the story will go?
  5. Have I included any necessary sources or interview information?
  6. Did I tell the editor which department or section of their publication my article best fits?
  7. Have I included pertinent clips which demonstrate my writing ability?
  8. Did I explain why I’m the right writer for this story?
  9. Does my query include several ways to contact me?
  10. Have I recorded the query’s topic, date,  target publication and contact person in a spreadsheet or log, for future reference?



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